How to invest Apartment?


According to the theory, the market of Apartment properties will grow at a lower price than the house. But there will be a higher return on rent. Compared to condos, Apartments will have higher price growth, but there will be less return on rent than the condos. However, it depends on how you choose to buy townhouse as your own property.

  • You can get more rent than a condo and have more price growth than renting a house. The simple rules are that the returns and prices of investment depends on how usability of the property.
  • The most expensive and most profitable property is the department stores, markets, hotels, and office buildings. They have more invested of the returns and prices than condominiums. The only reason is that there are more usable than just a living.
  • If you want to maximize the value of your property, you must be able to change utilities of that property. Although, condos are difficult to change all maintenance systems because of the rules of law in each country. As same as the house property is also difficult to change the rules because they are built in the residential zone, and also have a difficulty in trading.
  • There are more possibility for apartment properties to be success because of the location, which make in each area of properties worth it for sales. And If they are built in a surrounded of shopping malls and food stores, so that property will be most in demand of market for general people to buy.


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Author: Varuneep